Product Bulletin
Bulletin Name:  Dell Battery Recall 2000
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell is voluntarily recalling certain batteries that were sold for use with some models of Latitude and Inspiron notebook computers. These batteries can short circuit, even when the battery is not in use, potentially causing them to become very hot, release smoke and possibly catch fire. [Announced October 13, 2000]

Models affected include:
  • Latitude CPiA, Latitude CPi R, Latitude CPtC, Latitude CPtS, Latitude CPtV, Latitude CPxH, Latitude CPxJ,
  • Inspiron 3700, Inspiron 3800
The batteries were also sold separately, including in response to service calls. The batteries were shipped to customers between June 22 and September 15, 2000 (in North and South America) and between June 22 and October 4, 2000 (in Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

Please note only the described batteries are part of the recall and not the notebook computers themselves.

How to determine if your battery may be affected:
Batteries in Dell notebook computers carry white stickers displaying a series of numbers and letters.
The series of recalled batteries includes "DP/N" followed by "01691P" or "001691P" or "0001691P," and "42011," "42012," "42013" or "42014" as a separate code, and followed immediately by any one of the following codes: 06F, 06J, 06K, 06M, 06N, 06Q, 06S, 06T, 07I (letter "I"), 073, 074, 075, 07A, 07R, 081 (number "1"), 082, 083, 084, 087, 088, 089,08A, 08B, 08C or 08L.
Example label:

If the label on the battery includes all three of the codes, the battery is being recalled. If the label on the battery does not include all three of those codes, it is not being recalled.

Dell strongly recommends that, for your own safety, you discharge any recalled batteries promptly. The extremely low probability of a battery malfunction can be eliminated entirely simply by discharging the battery to a charge level of 40% or less. To determine when that level has been reached, press the white dot at the far end of the battery. At 40% or less, two or fewer green lights will be illuminated.
To do this, unplug your notebook from AC power so as to allow their system to run solely on battery power, allowing the battery to discharge. Once discharged remove the battery and only run the system on AC power.

Contact Dell about your replacement options.